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Drain systems occasionally leak. They can start as small annoyances, but if they are not dealt with sooner rather than later, they can balloon into a huge and potentially costly problem. Complete Service Solutions Co in Las Vegas, NV has underground video inspection equipment that can be used to find the problem.

Drain leaks also occur in bathtubs. They are not only annoying, but they can also cause serious damage to your subfloor and floor joists, and they wreak havoc on multi-level homes. Drain leaks can cause mold and mildew, as well as structural damage, so we cannot stress enough how important repairs are. With the help of a plumbing contractor, you can figure out how severe the leaks are and come up with a cost-friendly solution.

• Main Line—Defective main lines include: broken, cracked, separated, collapsed, or bellies within your system. Grease, sludge or roots can build up with your system and cause problems within the line. Our drain cleaning machines and hy-velocity water jetter can used to remove these issues. If issues persist, underground video inspection can be performed.

• Underground Video Inspection—In the event of faulty drain lines such as: separations, collapse, excessive roots, or vandalism, underground video inspection can be used. It allows us to view the inside of the drain line and determine if excavation services may need to be rendered.

• Toilets—Faulty flappers or flush valves may cause the toilet to continuously run. If this issue continues it can noticeably increase your water bill. Broken seals or gaskets can cause leaks at the base of the toilet tank or bowl and cause water damage to your bathroom.

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